Upholstering Banquettes For Acquire Learning

Seating upholstered by The Seatery

Seating upholstered by The Seatery

Designers, Studio Equator, commissioned The Seatery to upholster banquettes over three floors of the main office for Acquire Learning located at 17-19 Hardware Lane, Melbourne.
The Seatery upholstered an island banquette of approximately 20 meters, which snakes around an indoor garden and has a unique podium seat above. The fabric chosen for the seat of the banquette is supplied by Materialised, in the design Vaggio and colour Jalepeno; whilst the fabric chosen for the  back is also supplied by Materialised, in the design Radiant. This banquette is 900mm high and 520mm wide.


In another room is the Study Pod, 3.5 m x 3.5m approx., which also has an element of difference with upholstered panels and curved walls above the banquette. The same fabric, supplied by Materialised in the design Eon and colour Omega, was used within the whole room. A 2 metre banquette was also upholstered in the meeting room in this same fabric.

Earlier this year The Seatery upholstered banquette seating for Acquire Learning’s six new stores, as part of an ongoing project for the organisation. These seats sit within twin booths and were upholstered in vinyl fabric supplied by Austex, in the design Studio Encore and colour Sorbet, a light orange. In December of last year The Seatery upholstered three metres of banquette seating for each of four Acquire Learning store locations. The seating was made up of one metre sections, butted up against each other and upholstered in vinyl supplied by Warwick, from the Lustrelle range, in the design Mondo and colour Orange.

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