Recognised As Expert Upholstery Craftsmen

Recessed Wall Seating

Recessed Wall Seating

The Seatery are recognised by Interior Designers, Shopfitters and Architects alike as expert upholstery craftsmen. They have been called upon to provide quality upholstery for seating, wall panelling, point of sale and counters for many iconic buildings, stores and places. Just a few of their achievements over the last few years are –

Citipower Building
The Seatery were commissioned to upholster one hundred metres of banquette seating for this building in Market Street, South Melbourne. Having commenced in 2014 the project is being completed in three stages. Fifty different types of fabric is being used, supplied by six fabric suppliers, to upholster the banquette seating to create different looks. There will be three types of banquettes –
•    Collaboration
•    Banquette
•    Hot Desk
The Shrine of Remembrance
When the iconic Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne refurbished it’s Visitors Centre it called upon The Seatery to upholster a large decorative panel 3 metres high by 8 metres long, The display is made up of 50 upholstered panels of various sizes, upholstered in New South Wales Leather in the colour red, which represents the poppy. This flower has come to represent the ANZACS  as it was the first flower to grow in the battle fields of northern France after the First World War finished.

Aesop’s Stores
The Seatery’s reputation for quality commercial upholstery led to Aesop’s stores commissioning them to supply upholstery in their stores in Myer, Melbourne and Myer, Birkenhead and stores in Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Sydney. Aesop store designs are genuinely inventive and beautifully crafted, with a meticulously considered design.
A sophisticated, luxuriant look has been fashioned by The Seatery with upholstered wall panels at point of sale for the Aesop store in Myer Melbourne. Upholstered in synthetic felt, in dark grey tones the panels are fixed to the wall with shelves and drawers, which are finished in the same fabric. The two panels measure1800mm x 600mm and 2200mm x 600mm. Wall panels for stores in Perth, Canberra and Sydney were upholstered in 6mm felt, elevated to create a looped effect in a blue/grey colour, reminiscent of denim. Each of these wall panels is 600mm wide in 3m drops.
Walls, cupboards and shelving unit drawer fronts were also upholstered for the Aesop store in Birkenhead in a wool fabric supplied by Warwick, in the design Augustine and colour Armour.

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