The Upholsterers of Choice For Commercial Projects

melbourne School of Design bldg

Melbourne University School of Design

The Seatery is one of Australia’s leading upholstery companies based in Bayswater in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs.  It is a family owed business and is wholly Australian owned and operated. The business has been developed over a 21 period by Robert Horn and his wife Caryn.  Robert has always insisted on a hands on role so he can keep an eye on the quality on each and every project.

Specialising in banquet seating, bench seating, ottomans and wall panelling, the reputation of The Seatery has been based on the fine finish, attention to detail and the absolute quality and craftsmanship of every piece of furniture, seating and specialty display items they manufacture.

From humble beginnings, The Seatery is now one of Australia’s leading commercial upholsterers specialising in design interpretation and presentation of the highest order. In the last year they have completed unique works at locations such as the Melbourne University’s Department of Architecture School of design, provided banquet seating and booths for over nine floors of the Citipower headquarters building in Market St, Melbourne CBD as well as providing upholstered seating, panelling and point of sale display for many other commercial projects for leading retailers and corporate organisations.

Architects and designers have found that they can be adventurous in their designs when utilising The Seatery’s expertise.  Intricate stitching, buttoning and piping finishes are beautifully crafted and The Seatery are experts at working with fine leather. The Seatery staff are able to assist Designers and Architects with their choice of fabric, vinyl or leather due to their depth of experience in upholstering with different fabric types.

They are master craftsmen in custom design and upholstery and have been the upholsterers of choice by Interior Designers and Architects for large and small projects for hospitals, universities, libraries, major retail stores, banks, hotels and restaurants.

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