The Seatery Upholsters Banquette Seating for Echuca Hospital and Gladstone Park Hotel

Echuca Hospital Redevelopment

Echuca Hospital Redevelopment

The Seatery are upholstering banquette seating for the second stage of the Health Inpatient Accommodation & Emergency Department development at the Echuca Regional Hospital located at 17 Francis Street, Echuca.  The development has been commissioned by the Victorian Government Department of Health with Architects Suters selected, who in turn contracted The Seatery to upholster seating in the Emergency Medical waiting room (E).  Six kidney shaped foyer seats, each two metres long, 450mm deep and 450 from ground to seat require upholstering along with thirty metres of banquette seats in various shapes and sizes. The banquettes are 850mm high and 450mm wide.  All seats are being upholstered in fabric supplied by Lainey’s in the design Nouveau in various colours including Claret, Jaguar, Sulphur and Pumpkin.

The Gladstone Park Hotel has existing banquette seating in the upper dining area that required re-upholstering so they called upon The Seatery, leading commercial upholsterers based in Melbourne, to do the upholstery. The banquette is four metres plus long and has a two tiered cushion back. It is  1300mm high in total and 450mm from ground to seat with the actual seat having a depth of 500mm. The fabric used to upholster the banquette was supplied by Warwick Fabrics in the design Lustrell and colour Shellac (gold).
The reputation of The Seatery has grown immensely over the last five plus years as they continue to provide such a high level of quality upholstery to retail, hospitality and corporate commercial clients. Their craftsmanship and professionalism in upholstering banquette and bench seating, wall panelling, point of sale, desks, shelving and fitting rooms has endeared them to Architects, Interior Designers and Shopfitters.

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