Upholstered desks, wall panels, banquette and bench seating for Rolex, Telstra and Bankwest

Upholstered banquette seating

Upholstered banquette seating

Architects Gray Pucksand commissioned The Seatery, leading quality commercial upholsterers, to upholster a reception desk and banquette seat for Rolex at level 7, 18 Oliver lane, Melbourne. The reception desk is 3.4 metres long by 1.2 metres wide and recessed from the front panel is 900mm high. It has small side panels which are 300mm wide and returns at the back, on the corners, measuring 100mm. The leather chosen to upholster the desk is imported from Italy and supplied by New South Wales Leather, in the design Monte Carlo that has a semi aniline finish in the colour grey. A banquette seat of 5.5 metres long is being upholstered on the seat only as it has a timber back. The seat is 900mm wide x 500mm deep and 450mm high from ground to seat and is divided into 9 sections. The fabric for the upholstery is being supplied by Instyle in the design Epic, a stripe pattern textile and colour View (green and charcoal tones).

Wall panels and a desk were upholstered for Telstra at Level 2, 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne. The four Wall panels are attached to study shelving and were upholstered in fabric supplied by Woven Image in the design Soda, a recycled polyester, in the colour Cement (grey tones). The Seatery also upholstered a desk 2100mm long x 1200mm high in the same fabric.

A particularly comfortable bench seat in four sections was recently upholstered for Bankwest at Level 5, 600 Bourke Street, Melbourne. The bench seat is 3.650 metres long by 850mm wide by 450mm off the ground (to the seat). It has additional square pillows that sit atop the bench cushions. The seat is finished with cross stitching on the top of the seat with fluting on the front. The fabric was supplied by Kvadrat Maharam in the design Remix and colour #653, a woven fabric in soft red and grey tones. The stitch used is in a contrasting colour of wine berry red.  The cushions measuring 600mm long x 400mm wide x 100mm deep have been upholstered in fabric supplied by Kvadrat Maharam in the design Grid, colour pale blue.

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