Banquette Seating Upholstered for FIIG and RMIT

Woven Image Fabrics, Design Soda.

Woven Image Fabrics, Design Soda.

The latest project for The Seatery is for FIIG, fixed income specialists working in the bonds markets. Architect Graypuksand commissioned The Seatery to upholster three metres of banquette seating in FIIG’s Melbourne office.  The banquettes are 1200m in height with luxuriant seats at 600 mm wide and a standard 450mm height from the ground to the seat. Fabric for the upholstery is supplied by  Kvadrat Maharam, in the design Coda2 and colour #762 (blue toned geometric pattern).  The seating has removable covers and features black cross stitching detail throughout on the seating cushion and the back, as well as piping detail. The fabric piping is supplied by Woven Image in the design Soda and colour #379 (black).  A slow release foam (LR) was used for the seats, which provides more comfortable seating as it springs back very slowly after weight is placed upon it.

The Seatery has also been busy upholstering seating for RMIT. The Head Contractor has called upon The Seatery to upholster two sections of banquette seating for the city campus, at 2.25metres long, 1200mm high and 500mm deep.  They are also supplying substrats for existing concrete seats, placing new boards and seating on the existing banquette and nook seating. The fabric for the upholstery is being supplied by Instyle in the design Classic, in the colour Beauty (red) for the seats and the colour Film (a black tone) for the backs.

More upholstery for RMIT is being undertaken by this leading commercial upholsterer, this time in building 16, level 2 of the city campus for Architects Odorisio & Stolfo. Nine metres of student lounge banquette seating is being upholstered, each one is 1200mm long with seats 500mm deep and 450mm height from the ground. Fabrics are being supplied by Warwick Fabrics in the design Lustrell Mondo and colour Smoke (charcoal grey) for the seats and design Orellana, colour Grass (green with yellow tones) for the backs.

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