Hospitality Seating Upholstered By Commercial Upholsterer For Japanese Restaurant and the Basement Bar

U Shaped Leather Banquette

U Shaped Leather Banquette

Ten metres of banquette seating was upholstered for the Bankara Ramen Japanese Restaurant by leading commercial upholsterers The Seatery at Westfield, Doncaster Shopping Town recently. This Japanese Restaurant specialises in ramen noodles and wishes their patrons to be comfortable whilst enjoying this particularly delicious Japanese cuisine. The banquette seating is in a horse shoe shape, squared across the top. It measures 1250mm high in total, being 450mm high from the ground to the seat and the seats are a luxuriant 500mm deep. The banquetts was upholstered In a vinyl material supplied by Baresque in the design Bubbles and colour Papaya, which is an orange tone with rust shades.


More hospitality seating is on the way with an order for a new job at the Basement Bar, which is located at 277 – 279 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. Thirteen metres of U shaped banquette seating is to be upholstered in a leather covering with the supplier, design and colour yet to be advised. The banquette will measure 900mm high in total, with the seat being 450mm from the ground and a very comfortable 550mm deep. The back will have a fluted detail, creating a stunning effect.


As well as commercial upholstery The Seatery also have a High End Residential service. They are currently creating a very special bedhead for the S&K Group for a high end residential project. The bedhead is 1900 mm wide by 1800mm high. It will be upholstered in a fine leather, to be supplied by the client, and finished with a stitch detail, both horizontal and vertical with a secret button at the cross points. The secret button effect is created by the stitching itself.

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